Welcome to Admit One Productions. My name is Courtney James and I started with a dream. I always knew I wanted to be a storyteller. One of my fondest memories as a kid was taking long bike rides from my small town of Lakefield to the only city with a movie theatre close to me; Peterborough. I would go every weekend in the summer, by myself, and watch a matinee. This is where my passion for film making surfaced. Watching stars like Jack Nicholson, Jodi Foster, and Eddie Murphy on the big screen gave my imagination a kickstart; It made me want to learn more about film making. This is where I belonged…

My name is Jennifer James but you can call me Jen. When I was younger I wasn’t as sure of my future. My purpose and identity wasn’t as clear as Courtney’s. I was fortunate enough to have opportunities but I took more time finding my purpose. My work in the corporate world drew me to storytelling. Marketing and branding became something of a speciality early on but I’ve always been someone who loves to learn and grow. I found myself partnering with various large organizations to reinvent, rebuild, and redefine who they were. I became a guide of sorts to relooking at the stories they wanted to tell to the world.

In 2006, life changed for both of us. It happened on a dance floor in Toronto… that’s where we locked eyes and met. Electricity was in the air and the two of us spent the next 72 hours getting to know one another in a deep and meaningful way. It was a surprise to both of us but we couldn’t deny what the law of physics was asking us to do. It happened under a big oak tree in a park… The sun was rising and so was the question. It wasn’t traditional but it was special. We got married 3 months later and it’s been 14 years of love, laughs, cries, and character building. We feel guilty sometimes how lucky we got finding one another… It was truly a gift from god.

After the wedding we knew we wanted to evolve our different skills into a business partnership. Courtney founded Admit One in 2005 and that’s where we saw opportunity. Our lives revolved around storytelling in various ways and our production company became our outlet to explore this passion we shared. One project in particular became our defining journey as storytelling partners. It was a documentary about how music shapes identity called the Global Groove Network (GGN) This DOC was a personal journey for both of us. Music is something that brought us together and the power of dance music culture is what fueled the narrative.

It was a 7 year grind to the finish line but we did it. We traveled the world, went deep into the dance music community, and went through some incredible experiences as well as some financial hardships trying to make this passion project come to life. The good news we came out the other end and were able to sell the film to a network and get it distributed globally. GGN became a symbol of perseverance for the two of us. It was one the hardest things we’ve ever accomplished….
Success means something different to everyone, for us at the time breaking even felt amazing. As a team we know now we can achieve anything we set our minds too. That’s the most important thing we took from making GGN.

Courtney has been in the film and television industry for almost 25 years. He’s done it all when it comes to film and television production. 200 million dollar blockbusters, academy award winning movies, and low budget genre films are just the tip of the iceberg. Courtney also works on network television and recently finished up a 6 month contract on a new Netflix series debuting December 2020. Courtney’s roles have included assistant directing, stunt man, actor, photo double, and stand in on these bigger union productions. Admit One has made 95 projects that include music videos, corporate videos, multiple award winning web series, documentaries, short films, and feature films. Courtney and Jen are storytellers by nature and the skills they’ve developed over the years has allowed this dynamic duo to grow and transform.

Jen James is a strategic thinker and problem solver by trade. Her 25 year background in storytelling begins in the corporate world. She’s worked in merchandising, marketing, retail, and food. The companies she worked for and represented include Marvel, Hudson Bay Company, Walmart, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, and Loblaws. Jen’s latest VP job at Loblaws had her create, establish and implement a new design studio for the companies private label team … it was a contract that just wrapped up with great success. Jen James, also known as Double J, has been a guiding light to Admit One’s evolution and the journey moving forward in uncertain times.

Things are different now when it comes to how we enjoy our entertainment. Technology has taken us down a different path of discovery. As we move past a pandemic and deal with a world that is evolving, Jen and I are helping people tell their stories in the new normal. We believe there is an ‘art’ to mindful storytelling… In this new world, your personal story and how you present it is more important then ever. If you want to be successful, you need these storytelling skills to survive. It’s very rewarding to help people achieve this reality and that’s what Admit One is all about.

Admit One Productions has a strong foundation based on this successful partnership. As a team, Jen and Courtney want you to succeed as a storyteller.

This site will take you through some of Admit One’s past and present projects as well as connect you to some exciting new programs we can offer you and your business.

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CJ & JJ xo.

Jen James

Courtney James

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