Admit One Productions started in 2007 as a Feature Production company and continues to evolve products in this sector. We target a wide range of production channels including Documentary, Full Feature, and Webisode based series. New content is always in the works and we will update our Feature Productions page as they materialize. Please explore the most recent of our projects below.

Fursona Files

The Fursona Files
Web Series

THE FURSONA FILES / A DINOSAUR’S TALE – After hitting rock bottom with bad choices and brothel arrests, a 65-year old practicing furry dinosaur named ‘T-Bone’, looks to turn his life around when his lost love returns to his furry community after 25 years. A Dinosaur’s Tale is the opening block of episodes to The Fursona Files show. The series is a multi-perspective narrative about finding your identity. We follow the adventures of Lloyd and his unexpected relationship with a “Fallen from Grace” writer who is looking for inspiration. Along the way we meet a cast of characters from this duos past and present and learn acceptance and tolerance along the way. This show is all about life lessons accept we might wrap it in fur from time to time.


The Global Groove Network (GGN)
Full Feature Documentary

GLOBAL GROOVE NETWORK (GGN) is a feature documentary on a journey of self-discovery through music. Everyone has a soundtrack to their lives and for 7 years I traveled the world to find mine again. This film is a passion project and love letter to a music culture that shaped me – EDM. The film screened at the North by Northeast (NXNE) film festival in 2013 and has been airing on the CBC and the Documentary Channel in Canada for the past 3 years. The film has also been distributed globally on Amazon, Vimeo, and Hulu.

NXNE film laurel 2013

Life is but a Dream

GGN Presents – Life is but a Dream
Full Feature Documentary

GGN PRESENTS is a mini series that explores music’s cultural influence on the world around us, how music shape’s people’s identities and ultimately cultivates our own personal soundtrack for our life. Each season will focus on a specific genre of music and a group of established and recognizable artists that have created the foundation for this musical culture. LIFE IS BUT A DREAM is a c oncert doc about how music can shape your identity and how we all have a soundtrack to our lives… We begin this
story by following two men who sell ‘FUN’ for a living through dance music. This EDM concert film experience takes us to Toronto Canada – the fourth largest city in North America – and the home of Canada’s biggest electronic music festival – Digital Dreams. Go behind the scenes of a festival dream
20 years in the making and a city history that has embraced dance music since the 90s Life is But a Dream has been awarded Silver at the Atlanta Spotlight Film Awards. It was voted one of the bes independent documentaries for 2015.


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